Saturday, February 13, 2010

home sweet home


I used to wonder what it means,
till i met you down the road.
you looked so lost and in need,
i took you in and cleaned you up..

your eyes begged me for mercy,
asking what i would do,
I'm not a monster idiot..i said
as i gave you something to eat..

you light up my life soon after,
and we laughed during those sweet times,
but one day, you had a fever,
i took you to the doctor,
you felt so hot, it scared me...

Rain poured down when we arrived,
my eyes were brimming with tears,
you looked so sick, it pained me.
God, please let her be alright...

The doctor took you in,
checked you and gave medicine,
while i waited outside unable to breath...
i took you back home that night,
and let you sleep next to me...
I don't want you to go away...

That was 2 months ago,
now, you're back to ur old self,
the feline i once knew...
having fun together again,
under the same roof and in OUR HOME...

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