Monday, September 20, 2010


Fave topic of our life, stress!!!

So, the weeks at kampung is stressing for me...
To tell @ NOT to tell~~ that's the question..
Having found out a secret, Let's just say I'm between the lines...playing,toying, and deciding..
Knowing this, I felt like shouting at that person, telling them off, giving a lecture 101..
But, then reality stepped in, I can't do that, they won't listen to me..
They think I can be bullied, and think I'm feelingless..
I have FEELINGS, I just don't show it, That's what makes me different from YOU..
Don't you get how I feel, year after year covering up what you all did,
Just because I don't tell you off, doesn't mean that I'm okay with it...

So now, I'm going to think this through and do the right thing...
My intention, to save you from heartbreak and regret..
Why, I don't want you to suffer,
Even though,   what all of you did hurt me...
YOU disturb my sleep, acted rude in front of me, made my heart and mind go crazy thinking about YOUR problems, you MADE me CRY, DISRESPECTFUL, I can list all of your actions that ticked me off,
and you thought I was annoying and pestering...

You can't deny that I tried to guide you, but, You never listened...you said I pestered you..
Don't you know, how HURT I was???

And then, stress at my college,
Please, don't try to confuse me, I can find info on-line to rebut you,
I'm not convinced, That's that..
If you want me to go against the wishes off my parents,
Then I'm out, I don't want to enter HELL,
If you want to, go alone, Don't drag Islam's name in this one...
Don't Dishonour my religion...

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