Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This is my own sketch of rambling...
Bear with me..
What are friends??
Someone you hang out with?
someone to talk with
or to share happiness with??
Laughing, playing, chatting together..

Would they leave you alone??
Crying, in despair all by yourself??/
is that what friends are??
To make you feel alone when you need someone with you??
Making you feel like such a loser on your own..
No helping hands or a shoulder to cry on?

Tell me, what are friends??
We always hear people say,
A true friend laughs and when you cry, goes and beat up the person who made you cry
(That's my own version)
A true friend laugs and cries with you,
Is a part of your soul,
Feels your sorrow and happiness,
and wants whats best for you (that's best friends)

We all want friends with these qualities,
but try asking ourself first, are we a good friend??
How can we expect to have good friends if we're not one in the first place??

to me the trouble with friends is if you omit the letter 'r',
a friend becomes a fiend...
take care of your friends...


P/S: to my friends, when I'm crying, please make random jokes about the weather...Tq

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