Saturday, September 10, 2011

A New sem, New hopes, New challenges

It's been long since I last updated my blog...
so, today I'm typing about basically my feelings

yep... that's how i feel
So, I read a book (Wahai Anakku Yang Tercinta) by Imam Al-Ghazali..And, I feel worthless at first, then I read about second, third, and infinite chances in life.Its always there, we just have to reach it.. 
That's HOPE

Then there's the unexpected suprises in life, the one you wished you never confronted @ met with.
At first it'll seem futile, but as time pass, we can overcome it. Nothing is too great a task for a positive human..

Challenges are always FUN

So, this is to wishing we have a great sem ahead, facing everything with a positive attitude


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